Bahar Arts Interior Design LLC was established in the UAE in 2010 by Turkish artist Bahar Murphy. With a BA in Fine Art and a Diploma in Interior Design from the Institution of Interior Design combined with years of previous experience, the business quickly became a huge success within the UAE.

One of Bahar Interiors first and most notable works is a three-year project in interior design and project management services for Royal families such as Al Qassimi, Al Nahyan and other distinguished families, designing their palaces. It was first of all by word of mouth that Bahar Interiors gained high profile clients, for all of them providing a full interior design service, including interior concept design and project management services. This included responsibility for sourcing and purchasing all products from furniture and lighting to wallpaper, fabric and carpet and all fit-out products. The suppliers used by Bahar Interiors are located around the world including UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Far East, Dubai and Turkey.

Çeşme, Alaçatı Tatili sezonluk Villa, Ev Kirala.