Awards Winning Designer

Bahar Arts Interior Design LLC was established in the UAE in 2010 by Turkish fine artist Bahar Murphy. With a BA in Fine Art and a Diploma in Interior Design from the Institution of Interior Design combined with years of previous experience, the business quickly became a huge success within the UAE.

One of Bahar Interiors first and most notable works is a three-year project in interior design and project management services for Royal families such as Al Qassimi, Al Nahyan and other distinguished families, designing their palaces. It was first of all by word of mouth that Bahar Interiors gained high profile clients, for all of them providing a full interior design service, including interior concept design and project management services. This included responsibility for sourcing and purchasing all products from furniture and lighting to wallpaper, fabric and carpet and all fit-out products.  The suppliers used by Bahar Interiors are located around the world including UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Far East, Dubai and Turkey.

Along with these projects, the business has developed with the production of original furniture creations and soft furnishings with their quality widely regarded as the best available on the UAE market and they have received many accolades from satisfied clients who were delighted with both the design and the quality of production.  From this success the company was able to sub-contract a joinery company, a marble company, a company specializing in ceilings and a mechanical/electrical/plumbing company which ensured the provision of the highest possible level of service to my clients, and, in every aspect of each project. Quality control continues to be at the core of Bahar Interiors.

Bahar Interiors has now moved to the UK since 2013 with the intention of operating as a sole trader in Interior Design and Arts sector, and to carve out a share of the Uks interior & Arts design market, whilst ensuring there is continued growth in the company’s share of the market in the UAE and Turkey. Moreover, since the UK’s interior design products, such as furniture, wallpaper, lighting and hard and soft furnishings are of the highest quality in Europe, there is hope to assume the role of ambassador for those products in the global market by presenting them to clients. With design products and products from worldwide sources readily available online and instore in the new interior design and BahARTS – fine arts & design private studio based in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Bahar Interiors has achieved many successes since 2013 by preserving its Interior design and fine arts identity and by carrying out these two values ​​together, and these achievements have been awarded by many institutions, internationally, throughout the country and throughout the region, both on behalf of Bahar Arts Interior Design and BahARTS’s fine artworks. Details of the awards received are as follows;

1|)- Corporate Livewire, South West England Prestige Awards 220/2,  Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd for this year’s category, Interior Design Company of the Year 2020/21 winner.


My painting “Environment, Our Home” is being presented at the British Council’s Going Global Conference where more than 10,000 international education experts and specialists of Higher Education Universities around the world are debating and thinking about the future of Higher Education.

3)- LUXlife Magazine, 2020 Leading Designers Awards – Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd have been recognized with the title of: Excellence in Art & Interior Design – the UK

4)- LUX LIFE MAGAZINE AWARDS 2018 UK, Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd awarded of, Most Outstanding Interior Design Firm – The UK

5)- LUX LIFE MAGAZINE AWARDS 2018 UK, Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd awarded of, Most Innovative in  Interior Design 2018– Oxfordshire

6)- LTG LIFESTYLE AWARDS 2018/19 UK, Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd awarded, Interior Designer of the Year 2018/19 UK


Bahar Arts Interior Design LLC has an excellent reputation in the UAE, where clients are happy to pay tribute to the quality of all aspects of the service provided on a wide range of interior fit-out projects.  UAE customers have indicated that they wish to continue their business relationship, even though the company is based in the UK since 2013. With many exciting interior and fine arts projects ahead Bahar Interiors & BahARTS continues to flourish. If you are interested in any of the services provided at Bahar Interiors, please get in contact via the website, email, phone or make an appointment to visit the Arts & Interior Design private studio in Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK.

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